Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 11, 2015

      Well I apologize for not taking pictures,, or better said not sending pictures because here in this area the computers are full of viruses so it somewhat scares me to put my  usbs and memoria in the machines.... Sorry

Well I have been here with elder Isuiza for 2 weeks now... I still get lost in this area because it is huge. I will get used to it though. I get along with Elder Isuiza well... The guy just tries to make others laugh and feel good about themselves... The other thing that is really funny is that the only english words he knows are kind of bad.... For him queer means friend and then he knows others that i will not mention... They are not swear words but it is better left a secret.

This week I did my first work visit as a District Leader... I went with Elder Fresneda to his area to see how he was doing... and what thing we could help them with... He is a really cool guy, that is actually striving to learn english... Everyday he studies super hard and he read the book of mormon out loud. I understand the difficulty of learning a language but he is learning because he wants to. I learned because I was called to and that I need to to survive and talk with others.

We had interviews with president williams and Hermana williams this week too. It is always cool to see him and see what advice he and she have for us. And the best part is eating the cookies or brownies that hermana williams always makes... President williams said I was a very humble person that teaches well and can be trusted... hhmmm wow. thanks President.

This week I was worried for my companion because he was having a real hard time sleeping... He went 3 or 4 nights with out basically no sleep.. He is stressed about a less active he met while we went on the work visit because we heard that he is in the hospital... I hope the guy get better and I also hope my comp does not get sick from not sleeping very much.

Well I am doing just fine... I hope you all are doing great.. cool to hear that Rachel is now on the mission too.

Elder Mecham

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