Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2015

My week was good, we did two different interchanges this week one with the elders from san jose obrero and another one with the zone leaders. It went well. The first one I was with elder reyes who just lost his father. He was doing okay, I could see the obvious signs of the stress of the loss. He was having some trouble getting along with his companion. We work hard and the day went by really fast. The only thing that was really weird was that the whole day I was super tired, I really do not even no why because i slept the night before.

The change with the zone leaders was interesting. The day we finished the interchange with san obrero we started the interchange with them. I went to the their area with elder banks who was the old assistant before. He is so full of energy it is almost inhuman. We contacted a lot and found some new people to teach in his area too. At night he told me a bunch of great funny stories and how he wanted to do a huge practical joke that would last over a year. The guy is hilarious.
During the week president williams and his wife decided to come and visit our room. It was really funny because we were listening to music and then I received a call from sister williams. I yelled at my companion to turn of the music and then i answered. It surprised us a bit, but luckily we had cleaned up the room in the room.. They came and it all went well, and we even receieved a plate of cookies.

The week was good and we found some new investigators. we are now teaching oscars older brother and he is very interested. we also found another who is named Luis that received us with joy.
 Well I hope all is well and you guys are doing well

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