Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July

This was an interesting week... We are working hard trying to find a lot of new people to teach and baptize. I am really enjoying teaching Gian Franco, he learns so fast and applies the teachings in his life. I feel like it is so important the we apply what we learn as we read, and listen to the prophets of old and the new ones.

That way we too can experience the joy and blessing of the gospel. Gian Franco received the Aaronic priesthood this Sunday. He is determined to keep pushing forward. He is striving to help bring his family to the gospel too.

During the Sunday meeting, some guy robbed a television from the stake center. It sounds crazy, but it happened. I am truly surprised at how sly the thieves are here in peru. A guy dressed in a suit with a hymn book calmly entered the stake center and sat down to suposively wait for an interview. He waited until no one was around and then broke into the clerks office and took to tv. The crazy thing is that  we were all the the chapel in classes. We just walked out the door with the television in a garbage bag. it makes me so sad that someone would steal like that. Lets just say that ward council all the members were very worried.  Crazy no... I almost did not believe it when they told us.

Today we made pizza with the bishop of  Kennedy. It was great be able to talk to him and the pizza was great

I love this work... And HAPPY 4th of july

Mom i have something to tell you.. .but please do not worry to much... we went to the doctor because my toe is still swollen... and they took x  rays.. .I broke my toe... the thing is I will still be able to finish the mission....Breaking bones actually did not hurt as much I a thought as it would.

I have gained so much respect for the pioneers... do not worry I will be fine... I will send pictures next week. ..because my sd card got a virus again... I have pictures of the x rays.

I love you so much.. And I will see you in 4 months well actually a little less