Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hello from Peru

I have been out for three months now which I just cannot believe. This week we had a multi zone conference with President Williams and Hermana Williams and the assistants. There were four zones there in total. Before hand the president gave an assignment to study the first 4 chapters of preach my gospel and come prepared to teach a lesson on repentance. I came prepared to teach the lesson, but I didn't know what to expect with the first 4 chapters of preach my gospel. There was a competition with the four chapters in a jeopardy type format. The questions were actually really specific and It felt like you needed to have everything memorized. 
President gave an amazing lesson on taking up our crosses and following the savior. We must give up all we have with out a doubt and follow the savior. In the book of mormon it gives us the warnings if we don´t. Basically it says we will be thrust into hell. Sounds like following is the better choice.
Also president said that at all times we are 100% obedient, but who are we obeying. We must keep evaluating the choices we make every day.
The zone conference we ate hamburgers which were really tasty. I didn't imagine that I would have the chance to eat a decent burger in Peru. Speaking of food I sadly have not have the chance to try guinea pig yet, but I know I will. Cool things I have eaten hmm.. At least every so often we eat octopus. It does even taste that bad. We had it fried like chicken nuggets two days ago. I actually prefer the octopus nuggets to the chicken nuggets. Some of my favorite meals here are Aji de Gallina and Papa rellena. Aji de Gallina is basically like hawaiian haystacks but with some pepper in it. Papa rellena is like potato stuffed with meat.

Yesterday we were able to put a baptismal date on Jhordy Santos the son of our recent convert. He is super exited to get baptized. In two weeks, after some more lessons, he will get baptized. Which is pretty cool. 

Also something cool we did this week is we decided to sleep outside, so we took the mattresses and slept under the stars. It was nice and breezy and we will probably do it again. 

The work is going well 

Elder Mecham

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