Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

What a Crazy week

WOw,,,, all I can say a lot has happened this last week.

So first to start off the Peru, Chiclayo mission has a saying or slogan that goes Estudiamos por las maƱanas, trabajamos por las tardes, y vemos Milagros por la Noche. 

Or if I can get it right. We study in the morning, we work in the afternon, and then we see miracles in the night.

I can really say that this is true. Right now I am doing my hardest to be the most obedient that I can. I have always been trying, I am just putting a stronger emphasis now... Especially since I am training again.

The first miracle I saw.....

Well, right before the change, two weeks ago, we had the pleasing surprise of the landlord telling us that we needed to move. Not, because we were dumb and broke anything, never would missionaries do things like that, but because the landlord s son was coming back from Lima. The land lord was sad to have us move because, one he is a member, and two he developed a great relationship. Anyway, that stressed me out a lot... Then I had the pleasure to train Elder Darrington... I say pleasure because really he is the only thing that is keeping me sane. The guy is chill. The funny thing is he went to my rival High School Lone Peak. Really to me, that does not matter at all. We have worked super hard together. I have learned a little more how to manage my stress in some unpleasant situations. Well now on to the point, our ward mission leader found us a house that was really nice. We went and saw it and they wanted to charge 400 soles for the month. That is a lot for here... haha... I do not think is dollars anymore it is quite sad. We sent the pictures to president Williams, and he called and told us to negociate with the guy... He said to get the guy to at least 300 soles a month. This is not an easy task... Especically since my companion is recently learning spanish,,, so we tried our best... then we got back up... Hno Guillermo Mejia really helped us out a lot. All in all we got them down to 250 soles a month rent then 20 soles for light and water. and then 3 soles for the trash guys to come. I felt accomplished and protected. The lord prepared a house for us. This guy told us after the he used to rent this house to his brother, but his brother was basically a bum and trashed the house. Afterwards, he swore that he would never rent the house out again... Well the Lord had other plans... I know he is protecting us... 

Second Miracle....

This sunday we went to church like normal... haha... And after the meeting Guillermo present us to a family of members from a city called Chongoyape. The thing about Chongoyape is that there used to be a branch there but it got closed down because it just did not work out. Chongoyape is 30 minutes from where we are which would be for the less 2 hours from Chiclayo. The thing is the family was of faithful members a mom, and 2 of her kids. One of her sons were not members yet. His name is Joel Guillermo Huaman.. Pray for him.. And the family Huaman... They will be our next baptisms.. I have faith that they will.

Well besides that we are doing fine... WOrking like crazy... I soo Tired..

Elder Joshua Leo Mecham,

Love you all.... See you all in about a year

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