Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Wow another week has flown by... I can just say I am exhausted yet energized to keep going in this work... This last week, we were able to leave with a lot of different members and find some new people to teach.

I am having a lot of fun training... It is hard, but I have learned a ton from elder Darrington. This week we had the first 3 weeks training meeting. It was fun because that meant we were able to go to Chiclayo and see a lot of my friends from the mission. Like always, president Williams gave a great lesson and his wife too. They always teach in a way that just invites the spirit to help us know what we need to do to improve. My highlights of the meeting was that Elder Darrington said the prayer to finish. The best part is that he did an amazing job...

Then we had the opportunity to do service in two different opportunities. First was Thursday in the morning, we had planned to just go out a teach, but when we passed by the church there were a couple members there to do some service. The coolest part was that a member of the ward Kennedy was there. It was really cool to see him again. He works for the church in the maintenance and fixing of all the church building in, what I believe the Chiclayo mission. So, we hurried and changed our clothes and worked. I felt like I was back in my first area working side by side with Hno Daniel. The project we did was we repainted the lines for the soccer-basketball court. It was actually really enjoyable. We put tape down, and then afterward we painted the white lines for basketball and soccer and then a yellow line for volleyball. At the end we took all the tape of which was a ton and rolled them up into huge tape balls. We started playing around with the balls throwing them like footballs and kicking them around.
The second opportunity was that we cleaned out the outside of the what they call the high school so that they could have a annual party for the school. IT was just a lot of sweeping and picking up trash.. but it is always fun to mix in service in the week.

Sunday we went to a multi stake conference of the area of Bolivia and Peru. It was cool... The only thing is the church we had to travel to had a lot of technical difficulties... The speakers spoke about temples, Christlike attributes... and a lot of great experiences. The speakers were elder Nash... elder Anderson... Elder Uceda.. and others.. They all were in salt lake city, apart from elder Uceda which pre filmed his talk...

I am really enjoying studying the scriptures.. I am learning so much and it is strengthening my desire to keep working and studying. I am reading the book of Mormon from the back until the front. weird, but I have found a lot of answers and I have received some great incites this way.

This week that will not be pictures... because this computer is really sketchy and I do not trust my pictures with this computer.

Well love you all a ton
Elder Mecham

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