Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

Lets just say moving is never that fun, and work visits are always different.

This week after the district meeting we had a work visit with the elders from Pucala. Work visits are always different, because after time adjusting to a comp and how they teach, they switch it up to see what else we can do to improve the area. I stayed in La Cria  and Elder Darrington went over to Pucala. I stayed with Elder Wilson our district leader. To start the change meeting we stayed after the district meeting and he did a baptismal interview. It was fun because I had the opportunity to talk and meet with the elders from Patapo. Me being bored, started just sweeping the church and talking to them at the same time. It was a lot of fun.. Their investigator got baptized too so that is always good. Afterwards we returned and ate. It was really funny because Elder Wilson ate a bunch of food... I guess he just loves to eat.

The things I learned from Elder Wilson were that we always need to be contacting or introducing ourselves to people,  and to just invite everyone to baptism. The guy has 20 months in the mission and you can tell he is getting antsy to come home, but the guy works super hard so that is a great combination.

It was nice getting back with my companion though... It is just weird to be separated... A whole Yin yang thing... 

Guillermo went to Lima and the cool thing is that he called us to see if we wanted anything. He is such a cool guy. I just had him pick up a hard cover book of Mormon in English. Now I am going through and marking it up... It just feels good to be able to start with a clean slate and just devour the good word of God. The other cool thing was it only costed a dollar... What a great price for something that is priceless and life changing.

Scriptures That had an impact on my life and week

Isaiah 41:10
John 14 : 27
2 Timothy 1 7-9
And basically 3 Nephi 12

Read them... They will bring peace into your lives. I promise you.

The area is going well... The members are bringing people to church, which is amazing.. All, I can say is God knows how to do his work.

Happy Halloween.... I am so glad I only miss one halloween, because in Peru they do not do anything....

I love you all
Elder Joshua Leo Mecham
.........Send my love to all... I mean all the ward.. the fam... the neighbors...

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