Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

It seems like the weeks are flying by. Sometimes it is hard though in Christmas because everyone heads out to the city , so it is hard to find people in their homes. All it means is that we must work and follow the spirit even more.

This last week the highlight for me was that we were able to put a baptismal date on an investigator named Pedro Pablo Tenzin. Yep his name is Peter Paul, very biblical right. The guy is a humble farmer that does not know how to read. The dude just has the strongest desire to follow God and do what is right. We put the date for the 23 of January because the guy wants to finish the year as a catholic, but he told us that he will prepare so that he can get baptized. The coolest thing about him  is before he could not go to church for his work buying and selling cows, but this last time we saw him he send a new job presented itself and with this job he would not need to work on sundays. It is amazing how God gives us a way to complete all the commandments, so times we just have to take a faithful step into the dark, so that our light can grow. I know that the Savior is working side by side with me, I can feel his love, not only for the people of peru but for me as his servant too.

This sunday we  watched the Christmas devotional. Wow... I miss being able to go and see the lights and temple squarre.

Also this next week as a mission we will have a multi zone to eat, do skits, learn more about the gospel, of course, and live Christmas


It is also stake conference, a seventy is coming so that should be good.

The mission gave me cake for my bday, also this monkey is just a guys pet. It was really funny having him jump around and climb on my head.

Have a great week... Eat some great American food for me please.  Also send pictures...  I love to see how you are.

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