Monday, October 17, 2016

October 10, 2016

The zone training went very well, it was sad to give my final testimony infront of all of the elders, but that is how it goes... the mission goes by so fast. The zone training was interesting because President Williams shared with us his favorite talk of conference at least for missionary work. He really enjoyed the talk by Elder Anderson when he talked about missionary work and compared it to a huge puzzle. He shared the scripure in Daniel 2 44 45 which talked about the stone that was cut out of the hill without hands and the dream which was interpreted perfectly by Daniel. President said that we are the ones the interpret the dream to all the rest of the world... also that this work will never fail and it cannot be stopped. He later gave us all puzzles and told us to put them together.... we did, but later he said that all of us did it wrong... then he showed us that there is an order to follow. Like finding the border pieces, matching groups, not forcing the pieces, and not taking too long on one piece... Later he compared each step to the work... we need not force investigators but teach by the spirit, also if the investigator is not progressing... well we must drop the investigator and look of the chosen sons and daughters that are being prepared to receive the Gospel. Also that we must have a plan and work starting with the people near the chapel and then later working to the limits of the area. ... it was a great comparison and application of the talk.. . finally he took one piece and gave it to each of us and said that we are important key pieces in the puzzle for the preparation of the coming of Jesus Christ.... each of us are key.

This week we worked with the family Carlos Bonilla. We are rescueing the family and preparing their daughter for baptism. All oft the family made it to church except for the dad. We are trying to help him become active again so that he can have the priviledge of baptising his daughter. Teaching the family is always an interesting experience because the daughter Jaditiza is a very timid girl. She is advancing in her reading in the book of mormon. She is setting the example for her family because she is the one that motivates the rest of them to read to Book of Mormon and pray. Although, when we ask her questions to make sure she understands at times she is too shy to respond even though she may know the answer. Yesterday we explained the law of chastity to her 3 times to make sure she understood... patience is a virtue ... it is the whole teach people and not lessons... each time we taught her in a different way.... we even showed her a video.... she will be ready for the 22 of October.

The family in Kennedy is doing okay. We went to the lesson with them on Sunday, but sadly we found the Dad drunk, so we rescheduled for tuesday. We are going to set goals to help the dad stop drinking. I know that he will be able to stop drinking, because I have seen complete changes in the lives of other investigators during my mission. Especially the recent convert here in Moshoqueque.... I feel that visiting this family with Gian Franco ( CR) will give them hope for change and also we animate them for their baptismal goal.

This week I stayed in Moshoqueque with elder Romero. It was a pleasant work visit. It was great seeing how much Elder 
My companion is sick right now,,, but he followed your council and took some Ibprofen.... I can testify of the power of saved me when I broke my toe.... haha.
Romero has progressed since the beginning of his mission. He has lost the fear to talk to people in the street and he teachs well. We set goals with Elder Aceldo on how each of us could improve as leaders, missionaries, and as people.

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