Saturday, October 22, 2016

October 17, 2017

Ya i dont know how to describe my feelings right now... I am sad because my mission is coming to an end yet I am happy to see my family again... I will probably never see these people again in my life... especially my companions so that bums me out a bit.

My companion is feeling better for right now... we both caught the cold so that kinda sucked... but we stilll worked hard and visited the people. This next week we have planned what is call a noche blanca... or white night... where all the zone has put their baptismal dates for the 22 of October. Sadly many of the baptisms have fallen through, but there should still be 10 baptisms at the end of the week... A sweet way to finish the mission... From our ward two are scheduled to be baptized.... one is fore sure and the other.... is still doubting... could you please pray for Vivana Eloirraga... please....

This week we had some fun searching for rooms in Kennedy.... exactly the same area where I started my mission...we spent a night and later an entire morning searching for a room, and the penscion. We found a nice room and then called President... later wednesday we picked up Elder Soliz and Elder Tudela from the bus station... they came from a place called San Ignacio which is a 9 hour bus ride... The assistants gave a some money so we went and bought pollo a la brasa... then we took all their stuff to their room... It is nice seeing my first area... it gave me the whole nostagic feeling.

Later in the week we did an interchange with Elder Huancaya. It was great...

Well, iam going to enjoy this last week of my mission

oh yah happy birthday Dad and Terron

Elder Mecham's Last Testimony in Zone Conference