Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13

This week

Well it was another hard working week. We had zone conference and I found out sadly that my companion elder Nordhoff has changes...So we spent the weekend saying good bye to all the people . I am kind of sad because he is leaving. I only had 6 weeks or one change with him. My next companion will most likely be a Latino which will be a new experience. I will be difficult, but it will help me improve my Spanish a lot.

It was cool though. Elder Nordhoff sent him a bunch of packages. 5 in total. The funny part is that the zone leaders called and said that they accidentally threw all the packages out when the garbage truck came by. We thought it was a joke, but they kept calling us back apologizing for the thing that they did. At night, they called again having been an entire day of calling and apologizing, and said that they would pay for the packages and the things that were inside. This made elder Nordhoff feel bad so he called them back then told them to not to feel bad about what they did. Then they just started busting out laughing because they had just been joking around. It seemed like a joke at the beginning but they just kept it going....

The cool thing though about the packages is that 3 of the five were all gifts for hna Deydi our pension. They gave her some cake mixes, brownie mixes, and cookie mixes. They also gave her a new triple in Spanish and a picture of jesus. Then some necklaces and earrings, and other girly things. I thought that it was really nice of elder Nordhoff's family to send gifts to her. 

Hna Deydi is really a great pension. She is basically like a second mom away from home. Their family is really nice and they like to joke around a lot. When she found out that elder Nordhoff is leaving she immediately broke into tears. Then for the mission correlation meeting with her husband they held it at their house instead of the church. Hna Deydi made cookies, cake, brownies, and ordered pizza, she also bought Inka kola. I was so full but it was sooooooo goood.

The only thing that surprised me was that the tradition this pension has is at every birthday, good bye, or anything that is worth celebrating, they smash eggs on the heads of the missionaries. So we watched as Hno Antonio came out slying and held two eggs over the top of elder Nordhoffs head. Then he pounded them down. The next thing I knew is people just started smashing eggs everywhere. I ended up with two eggs on my head to. Even the Hnas had eggs dripping from their head also Hno Antonio and Hna Deydi. It was nasty yet fun.

I am super nervous though for the changes... we will see what happens

Elder Mecham

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