Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27

This Week
We are working really hard to improve this area to leave it better than we found it. This week we had the opportunity to go to Fila Alta which is a part of our area that is a little farther away. There are a bunch of less actives and members that live up there. There is also a really cool cementary that we went and took pictures. Surprisely this week one of the elders of my zone went home today because he had problems with his back. What was sad though was that president took out Elder Salas and closed the area. Also hermana Chandler finished her mission. As always, our pension and hermano antonio did a little going away party and ordered pizza. The best part of the going away send off is they always smash eggs on peoples heads. The funniest thing though is this times we brough eggs too. One of my eggs I let hno antonio secretly smash on Hna Chandlers head while we were taking a picture. The other Elder Flores smashed an egg on Hna Deydi and then 1 second later I smashed an egg on hna deydi. At the end we all had eggs on our heads.

Report of the area

This week we really worked hard to improve our lessons with members. We made sure we had a member with us as much as possible. It has been hard sometimes with the members failing but we always try to have back up plans. This week we had a huge improvement with lessons with members. Last week we had 6 but this week we improved to 18. Just one week of hard work and goals changed our outcome. Elder Flores and I are working hard. I still struggle sometimes but it is just part of learning and part of life. This work is amazing though. I was surprised though when Elder Llerena and Elder Salas left this morning. 

Investigators. Well The family Arnao Aguilar attended church for the second time. It was great seeing them show up. Teaching this week we found out a couple more of their needs. Hno Charles and Hna Mari do not really have a lot of love between the two. They are married but we are working with them to set a goal. It is just a little sad because sometimes the two fight during the lessons. During church in principles of the gospel the mentioned the word of wisdom and how we cannot drink alcohol and hna mari was so shocked. That same day we explained the word of wisdom and they will need to set some goals to overcome some bad habbits. Besides this the family is very interested in the gospel. They are reading the book of mormon as a family which I think will really help them develop more love and peace in the home, and it will help them strengthen their relationship. The family escajadillo is doing well they accepted the book of mormon well and they are going to read it. The only reason the did not come to church this week is because they went out of town to Mosefu. We invited them to attend church there but who knows if they did. The family delgado camacho has been super busy... Hna paty is on a business trip so we only could meet with hno jose one time. We gave him the family proclamation and talked about the importance of marriage. This next week we will be able to visit this family again. The family ramirez sadly did not make it to church. We have not been able to teach the wive about the family proclamation, but we talked to Hno Rosel about agency and the atonement. How we have the opportunity to change and repent. We need to be putting some baptismal dates but all of our investigators need to get married before they are eligible for baptism. The only investigator we have that does not need to get married is called Darwin. He is a reference from the elders in Laureles. He has gone to church more then 6 times. The only thing is that it was not in Laureles. We have invited him to come to Morro Solar but he has a girl friend that goes to Laureles. We will keep working with him. Also we found a family through the help of the hermanas that surprisely already had a book of mormon and had read much of it. We will continue working with this family for sure.

Well I am doing well

Elder mecham


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