Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20

Wow, another week down. I am here in Jaen, Peru enjoying the life of an missionary.

My report on my area and my investigators.

With changes there are always difficultities but there are always improvements and growth.

Investigators... Right now we have 4 families that are receiving us 2 of the famiies are fairly new but are excited to learn more. The other 2 have listened to many of the lessons and want to get baptized, the only problem is all four of them need to get married and one of them is living as I told you before a life of prostitution. The newer families are the family Arnao Aguilar and the family Esacadillo. The family Arnoa is charles, mari, and licans. We reviewed the book of mormon and they attended all three hours of church yesterday. They seem like a really good family that has a great chance to progress. When we reviewed the book of mormon they had a lot of great questions. I feel that the focus for this family will be the family proclamation. We are going to share it with them the next visit, it should help them realize the importance of matrimony and the family. The familly delgado camacho was on vacation this last week so we did not have the chance to visit them. We have started to review all the lessons with this family because we have taught all that is required and hno Jose still needs to gain his testimony of the book of mormon and of the church. Hna Paty is wonderful but we still need to help them put a date for their marriage. Each time we challenge them to put a date, but everytime we come to verify them always have some excuse. We will keep trying with the family because they have both told us that they have the desire to get married. What is even cooler is when Paty´s dad is in town he comes and listens to us. 

The family rameriz is doing well but we are in the planning of grand lesson of repentance and chastity for hna flor (prostitute) and hno Rosel. The family Escajadillo is a newer family that we have taught lesson 1 and the book of mormon. They promised us that they were going to go to church, but they did not show up. They key to them will be focusing on the importance of the family and the book of mormon.

The biggest problem though is every family we are teaching needs to get married.

The area is doing okay.To be honest I feel like I do not know the area really well. We have investigators but not enough to fill the schedule. For this reason We are in the grand search for more people to teach and baptize.. Elder Flores has taught me to challenge every person we contact to baptism which is amazing. At first I thought it was strange but it is much easier now.

I feel elder flores and I will be able to work really hard and well together. We will work hard in this area to develop and reap the harvest of our work. He is a funny guy that likes to work hard. I will be glad have this time to help him finish his mission strong. I am doing well having my first latino companion but I have a long way to go with my spanish. Elder Flores will help me a lot...
I am doing well, I miss you all.

Wish grandpa mecham a quick recovery.

Elder mecham

This is my zone now in Jaen. My companion is the one in the Argentina jersey

Looking out over the fields of freaking rice... so much rice.

So there is a old folks home here in peru in my area.
We went in and gave them a nice little visit.
My comp is a goofball, but it made all the little grandpas happy.

Us in front us the the board. Oh and he really likes one piece.
 Chango in Argentinian Spanish is friend. Everyone calls him chango.
And he calls everyone chango. Like Chango Mecham, chango elder..
He is a really funny guy.

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