Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2015

Gol Complete

Well what a great week!!!! We had some great experiences this week as we were able to see the fruits of our work. This week was all focused on Vanesa Cubas. How, when, why, and by who she was going to be baptized.

She had her interview scheduled for thursday in the afternoon, but when we showed up she was not able to come with us due to some family problems. Immediately we called the zone leaders to reschedule her interview. Friday came and we went over to her house to do some service and then take her to the interview. Again she had left for another important reason. At this point I was stressing out a bit, because it was the day before the baptism and she sill needed to be interviewed. We called the zone leaders again and canceled, poor guys, but then we rescheduled the interview to 7 at night. This time vanesa was able to make.. halelujah... she passed of course. Then we hurried and planned her baptism. 

Saturday came and in the morning we made sure that the font was full and we went and got baptismal clothing for vanesa and my companion. I felt that it would be really cool that my companion could do the baptism, this being his first area and first baptism, so I asked vanesa if my companion could baptize her. She was happy with the decision too. As we were preparing and waiting for people to arrive I received a phone call from president Williams telling me that he would like to attend the baptism.. What a surprise... It stressed me out a bit because the baptism was going to start in 15 minutes and no one was there.... I told him that it was probably going to start late... which is the peruvian time haha... he told me that he would come at 1:30pm.
The baptism ended up starting actually at 1:30pm... a small number of people showed up but enough to show the love and support of the ward. President and his wife also showed up. The baptism went really welll and everything turned out great. I really felt the spirit as Vanesa bore her testimony after being baptized.

She has taught me that in life we must be patient and persistent. She has also taught me the power of prayer. and the book of mormon in the conversion of a person. What touched me most is how she said that this is the only church that she has been able to feel the love of the Savior through each of the members.  I am so glad to be able to help this sister and daughter of God come to the truth and hope of the Plan of Salvation. Her husband passed away about 9 months and her biggest hope is being able to be sealed in the temple to her beloved companion.

it was great.

Also the people in peru were super happy when peru beat brazil...

P day infront of the big huge catholic church in chiclayo