Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 6, 2016

Well finally the elections in Peru are over which means next week I get to go to church again. This Sunday was weird not being able to go to church and take the sacrament. I am so glad that voting in the States in not obligated.

Well guess what this next week or two we are going to have a baptism. Vanesa Cubas came back and now she is ready to (finally) get baptized. It took time and patience, I am amazed how things work out. When she left for Tarapoto to go work, I thought well good bye forever Vanesa I hope it all turns out right. I prayed for here, and then weeks later I felt like I should call her. She answered and turns out that she came back. When we finally were able to talk to her and have another lesson with her we found he very sad and in a lot of debt. She seemed like she had no hope and that she did not want anything to do with us. We did all we could to listen and comfort her and then we left some scripture passages to read in Ether 12 and other places. Then we did all that we could, we prayed, and then we prayed, and then we prayed some more. We even fasted for her. We were able to find her the next week and she seemed like a different person. I person that was happy and ready for change. We invited her to baptism and she accepted happily. Then we left her Mosiah 18 to read. She loved it. 
 What is funny is she needs to be interviewed again even though she passed the interview before, interviews only last for 30 days.
Well pray for her please.... The last couple days before the baptism are always the hardest.

We are doing well here. I am enjoying playing a lot of ping pong and soccer here every Monday. Elder Surco is doing well.

I hope everyone is doing well.

Remember ask yourselves I am looking for the truth? Then go and find it through prayer, scripture study, and church attendance and temple attendance.